Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas and an Etsy Sale 2!!!!

Hi there everyone...hope your Christmas festivities are going well and you are getting all you want done. I just have a few more things to accomplish and then I can sit back and enjoy. As you see in my title I also had an Etsy that was neat surprise (does anyone still use that word?)

The lady wanted the cards for framing and Christmas it was important to get the cards out in a timely manner (gosh, the lines were long at the Post Office.) As it is, she will receive them on Monday....just in time for framing, I hope.
Here is Kylie....she is none too happy with me....I found the deer antlers in one of the Christmas boxes and put them on her....she sat there looking at"Please take this strange thing off me...Please!!!" Finally she shook them off and was happy again.
So here is my Christmas Village and Manger Scene. Didn't put the manger scene up last year, JP took over the space that the manger scene with no place to go, it did not get put up last year. As you can see, this year I got the bright idea to put it under the Village....why did I not think of that space before????? 
"Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree." I had this tree already trimmed and lighted....but the top strand of lights burned I stripped it and bought some new lights and redecorated it.
Here it tis....all decorated....cute huh? Bought some new ornaments and the stringed beads were hidden downstairs for a couple of years....found them and strung them on the tree. See my little elf in the tree....he stays there most of the time.....I have heard of some elves getting themselves into a little bit of mischief during the Christmas season....this one has been far.

I am done with all my food and gift buying. Don't have many to buy for. Sent Pops his gift of Chex Mix and a big candy bar. Also made a devils food cake and mixed pudding with it....gosh was that good. Gave a little muffin cake to the Schwan's man tonight...he was thrilled, said when he gets home that will be the first thing he eats. Another little muffin cake will go to the Pastor, plus it's his birthday too.

I made a really delicious soup last night....Zucchini Sausage Soup.
Here is the recipe with a few of my changes of course.
Start to finish - 30 minutes and makes 11 servings.
1 lb. bulk Italian sausage or pork sausage (add Italian seasonings)
2/3 cup chopped onion
5 cups of water
1 medium zucchini, spiralled or chopped
1 can (14 1/2 oz.) diced tomatoes, undrained
1 jar (14 oz.) pizza sauce (yes, pizza sauce....very good)
3/4 cup uncooked orzo pasta
1 envelope au jus gravy mix (did not use)
1 Tablespoon dried basil
2 teaspoon dried oregano
In a Dutch oven, cook sausage and onion over medium heat until the meat is not longer pink; drain. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until pasta is tender. Dish up a bowl and top with mozzarella cheese.

Well time to close...hope you are having a good night and a great  Saturday!!! Hooray for Saturdays. Keep looking up!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Poem About Coffee

Hi there everyone....well, it's Wednesday... hump day!! I will make this short......very short. Not sure where I picked this picture up of the coffee cup and poem...might have been Pinterest, (I remembered...Diana's blog) it tickled my funny bone when I saw it and had to save it to my files for future use.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about...first thought was to make this a "Wordless Wednesday" kinda blog. But...I guess that won't be happening because look at all the words I have typed so far...hahaha!!

I love coffee...but a good cup of tea is fine too. I usually have a cup of coffee every day...but I can go without for a couple of days...actually went 10 days recently, with no coffee, was feeling pretty good, then I gave in for a cup of Jo. I guess you can say, I am not addicted to it....and that is good. Years ago, back in the 80's I had a pot of coffee going all day long and would drink the whole pot and then brew another pot and drink that. Yeah....I was addicted to caffeine, then I would take asprin to counter act the aches and pains....gosh, I was a mess. Then I got a bleeding ulcer and lost a lot of blood....almost died. I was rushed to the hospital. A week later (October, 1981) JP ended up in the hospital with a nervous break-down. We were quite the pair, both of us in the hospital at the same time.  Crazy times.

But, I did not learn my lesson and in 1986 I ended up again in the hospital with another bleeding ulcer...same circumstances..drinking too much coffee, taking too many asprin and trying to do to many things, wearing too many hats....working in the flesh and not in the spirit. That was my biggest problem. The Doctors ended up operating and cut the nerves in my stomach accidently touching the spleen and that bled and they had to remove the spleen. I have a big scar on my stomach to remind me everyday of how careless I was at 40.

Why am I telling you this....I don't know. But I guess to tell you what coffee can do if you are not careful. Maybe some people can handle a lot of coffee....but I guess this girl cannot. "Others can, I can't"

Well I guess that is all for all have a great day and keep looking up. Tomorrow is another day, or today is that is.
Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, December 15, 2014

Some Stampin'Up Cards, Bag and Tags

Hi there everyone. How did your Monday go? Mine was busy. Went to the store to pick up some more lights for my little tree...for some reason the bottom string died. Guess after 10 years that is a probability...huh??? I found some other old lights and put them no telling how long they will last. But ended up getting some lights that are battery operated....70% hey why not try them.

I had to un-decorate the little tree, pulling everything off. So now to re-decorate it....guess that is life. I may change up a few things. Found some old beaded garland downstairs so I added that to the tree too. Yeah, I think it will look a little bit different this year. Guess that is what makes life interesting.

Yesterday I went to a Stampin'Up Camp with my friend Shirley. She had never been to one of these camps and really enjoyed it. So here is a walk through the things we made. Oh yeah....she won the door prize...some snowflake stamps...yayyyyy!!!
This is a bag that was stamped with snowflakes. Then a card was added to it with some of the same snowflakes.....washi tape was added to the card then stamped on....cute idea, never thought to do that. The card fits in a punched slot so it does not fall off the card. See that little bow at the top??? I won a roll of that ribbon as a door prize.
This was a neat tag to make....the blue part was pre-cut. The dots are stamped. The bottom part of tag, washi tape was layered on it and stamped, To: and From:
Another tag, folded card stock and covered with a patterned paper then a special punch for the top part.
This was's a gift card holder. Using Stampin'Ups envelope maker. You can make dozens of different sized envelopes. Then the buckle was two different punches. The small center was punched then a larger punch used to make the outer buckle. A long strip of black was wrapped around the card holder. Sweet huh?
This tag is a star, with the scalloped punch used and a circle punch for the center. Stamped with one of the stamp sets from Stampin'Up.
This was a neat tag. I do have the upper part of the tag punch and have made lots of tags using this punch. The stamp comes in a set of was Love, one Merry and (forgot the third). Was thinking of ordering this stamp set, but I was just not sure how often I would use this stamp set.
Here is my door prize...another roll of of these days I will get the big door prize....a stamp set!!! Maybe the next Stampin'Up Camp in February will be my lucky day.
This last card we made was this lovely card of a Christmas Cardinal...I really liked the technique and may try this with a few of my next cards that I make. The bird was stamped on punched out cardstock, then stamped again on white cardstock and colored in with markers. Nice effect....I tell you the ideas are endless.

There was one more tag we made, but it did not take a good if I think about it...I will take another and post it in my next blog.

Well, I need to go work on decorating my tree. Have a good evening and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Fun Christmas Favors and Cards

Hi there everyone...hope you had a wonderful Saturday....these Saturdays sure don't last's like you get up in the morning and POOF the day is over. Wednesday, I went to my friends house for a card making session, we made some Christmas favors and a card. In the month of December we usually bring snacks and a card for each of the ladies that come, my friend gives us each a gift. This years gift was 10 rolls of permanent tape for our tape gun....I was happy about that, cause I was running out and needed to buy some tape from her. Excellent gift.
So in the following pictures are the things we made. Here is a sweet Snow Lady. As you can see she is a Hershey bar holder. This is done with mostly die cuts...her head was threaded around the is called "spirally" thread art. Her face is from the Rubbernecker Stamp collection.
She really makes for a nice decoration. Probably the candy bar will be eaten or made into something else and she will be put away till next Christmas.
Here's a cute little chimney, this was fun to make. The panels were inked with 3 different reds, and the white part was cut to look like snow dripping from the chimney. The red bag is holding some sweet treats.
In this picture is the card we made. The snowman is a take off from the movie "Frozen" Olaf is his name. I guess he does not look exactly like "Olaf" I think he is pretty cute though even if he is not the real thing.
This was fun to make....5 Christmas tags. Each piece was cut from die cuts and we just pieced them together. They can be tags, or ornaments for the tree.
You want to hear something just so unbelievable???? Hope you are sitting down as you are reading this. Yesterday the nurse from my Doctor's office called and said my blood tests came back and the Doctor wants to put me on another medication to bring down the A1C (or is it AC1). The medication will be ready for pick up.

So I made a special trip to Shopko to pick up my new medication. It could not be found. Then the pharmacist came to the seems the medication ordered by the Doctor was $300....I just about fainted...."oh no...I cannot pay that." The pharmacist said he realized that and faxed the Doctor back...because the insurance would not pay for that either!! So at this point I do not know what will happen. The pharmacist also said that even with a co-pay my share will be $225. NOPE that is still way too expensive. I would have to take 3 pills a day, I can't imagine the cost of each pill and how often I would have to order these outrageously expensive pills!!!

I was so nervous after visiting the pharmacist that I literally got sick to my stomach and wanted to throw up. By the time I got home, I actually did. Friday was not a good day for me. I suspect by Monday or Tuesday I will find out what the scoop is. Also we may find out about JP's dilemma. He had an ex-ray and was put in that tube...MRI on Tuesday...the results should be coming soon.

Well time to close this post...I need to finish decorating my tree and finish putting up my village. So you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to a Stampin'up Camp with a friend. We are going to make tags, bags and a card. Snacks and prizes are on the agenda too. I will post those items in my next blog. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, December 12, 2014

Some Christmas Mice.....

Hi there everyone. How are things going with you...this will be a short post today, as I have to run out to the store for a few short errands.
I love these House Mouse pictures.....I must have at least 20 house mouse stamps in my own collection. Actually an old friend gave me her House Mouse stamps years ago....what a treasure. But I really need to start using them. Eh...maybe in 2015 (hahaha...that's just 3 weeks away isn't it?!?!)
Every day I get one of these house mouse picture in my I thought, why not put them up here...only problem is, they make me want to order a few stamps now or at least hunt up some at the store.
I Like these Candy Cane House Mouse stamps.....they are so sweet aren't they??? My only problem is, when I stamp these...can't seem to get the color right on the mice...oh well, guess that is something to work on.
Well there you have it...a short blog about nothing much. Except maybe just a little bit of Christmas House Mouse Cheer. Hope you are getting all your Christmas "ducks in a row" or should I say "Mice" hahahaha.

Have a great day and keep looking up. As soon as I take some pictures of the cards I made the other day at my friends house, I will post them here...maybe tomorrow. Talk to you later.
Cheers ~ Louise

PS....Happy Birthday Diana!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Making Christmas Cards

Hi there everyone. How is the Christmas season treating you?? I am not sure as yet. It seems JP and I are seeing the Doctors way too much within the last couple of weeks. By the end of this month JP will have had 3 appointments and I with 3 appointments. Yuk!! Mine was a follow-up and change of meds, blood test and urine test and end of this month the eyes need to be checked by a specialist. JP's appointments revolve around the urologist and today they put him in a tube (he said). Is that an MRI??? Geez, I don't know. Well, in the midst of all this....I must find time to make cards (it's my therapy.)
So in this picture is a fun card. It is called "Iris Fold" strips of paper arranged to make a square. The background went through the cuttlebug and was embossed with snowflakes. Very hard to see the embossing. I think next time I will ink the snowflakes so they show up better.
Here is another picture of my snowman using the Stampin'up "Work of Art" stamps. I really like this set of stamps. And this cute snowman got stamped and made into 16 more cards last night. I think I will use this card for Happy New Year cards and possibly make some more, turning them into "thinking of you" cards for Hospice. With this same stamp set, I can make the American Flag, a butterfly and 2 different sale boats. That will be for another blog, when I get them done.
This is another "Iris Fold" card. The card stock was already cut out to form an ornament. I followed a pattern using strips of paper to make the ornament. Then glued the card stock on a card and layered washi tape on top.
Both the tree above and the second ornament below are done the same ways as the ornament. You can see that both ornaments are done just a little bit different.
Here is another tree in different washi tape colors and the iris fold is in different colors. I sent these cards to the in-laws and nieces. So I hope they like them. I should be getting these cards in the mail tomorrow. Then I just have to decorate a bit more and make some cookies and make my step-father's package and send it off to LasVegas.
Well time to close and go walk Kylie around the block. It's suppose to warm up the rest of this week, so the sidewalks should be clear.

Tomorrow is card making at a friends house....yeah, I always look forward to that and getting new ideas. Next Sunday is another Stampin'up Camp and some more ideas. It's no wonder these days fly by...I seem to plan so much and look forward to each and every event....then it comes and goes so quickly!!! POOF!!!!

Talk to you later and keep looking up!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making Chex Mix Snacks & a Card

Hi there everyone. How is your day going. It's a lovely, sunny, balmy day of 32 degrees. A good day to Sun-Bathe or sit on the front porch????

As you can see in the following pictures, I made some chex mix. This is my second batch of the goodness, thought for sure that first batch would last at least till after Christmas. Guess JP and I were munching on it more then I realized. Then I ran out of pretzels.....oh, oh time to make some more. I did give a bag away to a trucker, guess I will give him another bag. Oh and I probably will send a bag to my Step-father in Las Vegas. I am sure that is something he can eat. He doesn't want money or candy...the last couple of years I have sent him a stuffed can just send so many animals. He likes doing cross word puzzels, but cannot see very well to do them. I think that is what has kept his mind sharp. SO I think Chex Mix would be the sealed deal....cause he can munch while watching TV.

So in this picture is the chex mix on the was a bit better. There are pretzels, oyster crackers, M&M's, peanuts, Wheat chex and rice chex.
The lighting was not very good in this picture as I took it in the far corner of the kitchen standing in front of the light. Oh get the idea.

For the mixture, I used 1 package of Ranch dressing, 1 stick of melted butter, 2 tablespoons of Worcester sauce, and maybe 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mixed together and poured over the pretzel/chex mix. Trying to mix real well so that every morsel is covered. Then I covered my pizza pans and cookie sheet with parchment paper and poured the mix on the sheets, spreading them out evenly and sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top. Baked at 250-300 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the mixture is hot to touch. Then let cool and munch!!!.
This is my snowman card. I got the idea off of Pinterest. It is made with the "Work of Art" stamps from Stampin'up. I really thought this was a great idea, so I made some Christmas and Happy New Year cards. Need to make some more for Hospice.....maybe a "Winter thinking of you" card. I will be putting a Happy New Year card in my Etsy store for $3.00 along with a set of Winter/Christmas Note cards in a case ($12) I made these last year at Christmas. Was a bit too late to list them in my store.

A side note: some other ideas that can be made with this set of stamps is the American flag, a sail boat and a butterfly....I have tried the sail boat...but must try the butterfly and flag soon and very soon.

Well, time to close this blog. Need to get going on sending Christmas cards out and getting downstairs and bring some Christmas ornaments up for decorating. You all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blenders and Smoothies

Hi there everyone....gosh, it has been 7 days since I last posted. Where has that time gone???? I guess I must have taken a short "blog break" or, I just did not feel like blogging...just seems to be too  "much stuff" is coming at us at a rapid pace.

The news on the radio and TV has been so unsettling lately, so many bad things are happening around this sad, the devastation, lawlessness and lies and down-right meanness, one to another. I don't know, it can't be very long now, that the trump will sound and Jesus will gather His church home. That surely will be the greatest day ever!!!
So in the mean time we live our lives and occupy till He does return. Taking care of ourselves and those around us in our neck of the woods.

I have a blogger friend that sent me this blender through Amazon for my Birthday. Oh my, it was a total surprise. I am really loving this little machine. It sure makes some good smoothies AND soups too. (which I blend then heat up on the stove or in the microwave. My previous blender was sounding like a "cement mixer" and could only hold half as much as what this one does.....yeah, I am really liking this blender a lot.

Today's smoothie was:
1 Halo tangerine (peeled of course)
1 cup coconut water
handful of greens (any kind...right now I am using "Power House" greens that have kale, spinach etc)
1/2 frozen banana
handful of frozen fruit (strawberries, mango, pineapple)
1 Tablespoon plain Chobani yogurt
1 teasp. chocolate superfood from NutriBullet

Mix it all up in the blender and "wah lah" a dandy smoothie!!!

The other day I made a vegie soup in the blender that included:
1/2 bag carrots (1 1/2 cup)
2 tomatoes
1/2 red bell pepper
1/4  raw beet
2 handful spinach
1 glove garlic
1/2 teasp. sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
pepper to taste
2 cups vegetable (Swanson)broth
Blend, then heat. Great with some thin crackers...yum, yum.

I have been doing these smoothies pretty regularly for the last 6 to 7 weeks, one smoothie a day. To date, I have lost 14 lbs. Yes.....I feel pretty good, and getting lots of vitamins in my body that were not there. Also, taking Vitamin D3 every day. I have noticed my blood sugars are not so high. So, I think this is a good thing. After struggling so long with my weight, I think I found the "magic pill" that works for this old lady!!!! Something that has been so elusive to me.

Well time to close and go walk Kylie around the block.....or should I say, she takes ME for a!!! Weather will be nice for the next week, so we better walk while we can, except it is SO dark out...ish!!!!

Have a good one and keep looking up!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, November 28, 2014


Hi there everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Now we head into the Christmas season like a bull let loose in a china store!!!! Yikes! What a mess!!!!

As I have not put up Christmas as yet....thought I would go back into my picture archives and brings up some Christmas pictures from 2013. Most likely this is what decorations will look like for 2014....not a lot of changes.

This is my little table Christmas tree. I thought about buying a new little "white" tree....but I am not sure yet. I like the idea of turning it into a "snowman" as you can see in my banner picture....I thought he was rather cute....where ever do people come up with these amazes me. I had a white Christmas tree years ago and all the decorations were red. It sure was a pretty tree. JP and I were the only ones to enjoy it never showed up. They did not like our living conditions....we were living together and that was not acknowledged back then....we are talking 1972 and 1973. Oh well...times have sure changed.
My Three Kings. I made these guys back in 1968, they are paper mache'....yep they are going on 46 years old. They are packed away in an "All Detergent box" and I suspect the Kings and "All Container" are all antiques.
Here is my Christmas village....I really enjoy putting this up....although it does take a lot of time, but always fun to look at during the holidays. I always buy some little people or another building to add to the montage of village pieces. My first couple of pieces were the Church and little green roofed park pagoda. From there I just kept adding pieces year after year.... mostly after Christmas sales when everything is 50% to 75% off. That's always a good time to buy.
My snowman....this was the first gift I received from JP back in 1972 (I was expecting a ring, but got a snowman instead). The ceramic angel was made and given to me by a lady back in 1984...we were, at the time picking up kids in a bus and taking them to church....I guess she was happy that we took him off  her hands for Sunday mornings. Brock was his name.....he is probably a married man with kids of his own now. Funny how different things bring back memories.
These are some cookies I made and probably sent some to my Step-father in LasVegas. Need to think about his gift and get it out before the rush....what do you get an 88 year old???? So hard. My snowman in this picture was given to me by my Mother. She had a friend that was into ceramic's always fun to pull him out of the box all wrapped up and set him up someplace in the house.....he always makes me smile.

Well there you have it.....a little bit of Christmas in my neck of the woods. Now the work begins, to lug things up from the basement, one box at a time. What a chore....but it is so cheery and Christmasy when the job is done.

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2 You All

Hi there everyone. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. With many blessings coming your way.

I decided not to make a turkey this year....didn't feel like it for 1 reason....and for another reason, they just seemed too expensive. I am making chicken breasts, dressing, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries and pumpkin pie with whip cream. Sounds just like a turkey dinner doesn't it?

So I wonder what the Pilgrims and Indians really ate back at that first you think they had turkey??? Maybe they ate venison...who knows. Beans and rice, corn bread and apples? Oh and there must have been pumpkins too. I should really check out the history of what they ate....that would be an interesting search.

We have nothing planned. So I shall watch the parade for awhile, then at 1:00pm is the dog show...we always like to watch that. Maybe we will eat around 2pm or so. No plans to go, I have never been a "Black Friday" Shopper, it does not excite me that much.

Can't believe how fast this month, zip, zip and time gets away from us. I wonder if time will ever slow down????

Well, you all enjoy your day with family and friends. Keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Update.....

Hi there did your day go??? Today I was totally surprised by a gift in the mail from Amazon!!!! A Hamilton Beach Blender sent to me by a blogger friend. My blender was starting to sound like a cement mixer (that's what JP said). I think I shall really like this blender. I make smoothies every morning, plus I shall be able to do many other things, like crush ice, make salsa, grind, grate, whip, puree, stir, dice, chop among other things. I may also get the food chopper attachment that goes along with this blender....maybe for Christmas.

I am wondering how she knew I needed a blender, I don't remember ever mentioning it in any of my posts....but then, maybe I did. But what ever the sure was nice of her to think of me...."Thank you Beth that was very sweet of you."

Lots of snow tonight 4-7 inches..........I still don't think those politicians know what they are talking about...."Global Warming" is some one's fantasy dream. Does not look like things will be warming up till at least March!!!!

Our car was ready to be picked up, a new serpentine belt and pulley was put in. It seems that this is a common thing to go out for this year and model car. Well, better it happened Sunday when there was no snow on the ground. We had a towing bill of $138, hopefully our Ins. Company will cover part of that. Not sure what the total bill will be. I guess that will be another "UPDATE". JP will pick the car up after he shovels out. Uge.....winter.

Well time to close this blog for today....I need to get downstairs to make up some cards. You take care and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthday Update......and Car Problems

Hi there everyone and everybody.......hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to Thanksgiving!!!! I am still dancing around my birthday as you can see. A few more pictures of my flowers and birthday cake, which was a cheese cake from Festival. Oh yum, half chocolate chip and half plain. I so thoroughly enjoyed this cake and will do it again without any celebration.

I love this picture of my bouquet of just may see this picture again and again....I think it is sooooo pretty.

In this picture is the chocolate chip....I made some cranberry sauce and spooned it over the cheese cake....was so very delicious and healthy.....don't you think????
This was my slice......had to hold the plate up so the flowers could be my background. Sort of an odd picture, but you get the idea.
Well as you see by the title of this blog, this is an update of my birthday celebration. We had a wonderful time at BJ Clancys. where I had a free steak I did not take any pictures. I guess you can take just so many pictures of a piece of steak and fries and salad and some chocolate ice cream with a candle on top.

After dinner, we came home, and I took Kylie for a walk around the block....or I mean she walked me. After the walk, I went downstairs and worked on some Christmas cards for Hospice, have about 30 Christmas, now I need to put some Birthday, Thinking of you and Thank you cards together.

Next thing on my agenda is to make some Christmas cards to send to some friends and family. Hope I can come up with some new ideas.

Speaking of family....our niece had her baby on my I share a birthday with a little girl named Madelyn Renee....that should be an easy birthday to remember when sending a card.

Bad news, we went to church this morning which is 32 miles round trip. The car was making a funny sound when we drove off. We got to church, went through the motions of church, sing, prayer, tithes, greet, music, preach. After church this man started talking to us and we ended up staying till 2pm (church had finished at 11am) This guy was the leader of a gang of 300 guys in goodness, did he have some stories to tell......I suddenly felt like I had been to church...gosh he was full of the fire of the Holy Spirit. I probably could have listened to him for another hour. But, all things have to come to an end. His wife was calling him to come home. So we locked up the church and got into the car.

We were going to have something to eat at the restaurant but, it had closed. We stopped at the gas station and JP noticed that the steering was a little hard (that's strange). We left the gas station and the battery light went on...then suddenly another light went on and then a beeping sound....suddenly I saw that the radiator gauge was on hot....."JAY the radiator gauge!!!" We stopped on the side of the road, he got out and lifted the hood and he saw that the serpentine belt had broke.....oh geez...that connects everything to "everything"!!!!

So now what????? So JP called the service station we have gone to for over 25 answer, but then the called transferred to the owner and he answered, we told Dave the problem and he sent a tow truck to pick up the car and us. We sat in the car for a half hour, it got a little chilly, but JP had a few snacks in his lunch box....I could feel my blood sugars either rising or lowering....but the snacks helped.

The tow truck showed up, the mechanic put the car on the truck and we jumped in the front seat of the tow truck (well, I did not exactly jump into the front seat...68 years does not jump very high or fast). The mechanic drove us to our house, cause the service station is about 5 blocks away.

What a crazy day....way too much stress of this old lady. Another adventure with liking these adventures much anymore. So now we wait to see what tomorrow brings, hopefully the car will be fixed in time for JP to go to work....if not, that will be our next problem. The service station has some cars that people can use if their car is un-drive-able....well, that would be us, hopefully they have an extra car if our car is not finished.

Well, I can see this is way to long of a blog and you have probably stopped reading, cause it is so boring. I shall close here and follow-up tomorrow....I am hating the idea of seeing the bill for this job. Since I was only $125.00 away from paying off our previous bill, now they will add on to this bill the new total....uge, can we never get ahead???????  Just wondering.

Have a good day and keep looking up.....I know I do.
Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ah....Birthday Blessings

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful day. I did, thank you. Today I turned 68, yikes now that is a big number. Never thought I would make it this far. I am sure those of you who are older will say, "Ah you are still young and have many more years ahead of you" But you know what? I am still feeling older, just can't do some of the things I used to, and seem to walk a little bit slower these days....yeah, "my mind is willing but the body ain't."

Well today started out with a bang. JP had to get blood tests, because he has another appointment with the urologist next week. He is still dealing with the problem he has had for 6 months. He did finally go to the foot doctor and had his corns and warts shaved off and an acid put on the wart. WaLa.....he can now walk and the corns and warts don't bother him. Still have not gotten the bill for that adventure as yet.

So I got up at 9:30am, only because the phone rang at 8:10am and 9:20am....and no one was there, geez could not even sleep in today. Did my blood, made a green smoothie and fed Kylie. Turned on the computer and off we go into cyber-space. 1st I checked Facebook to see Birthday greetings from friends, then on to blogs, emails and pinterest, yes, so much to do.

So Thursday I went shopping and splurged on this lovely bouquet of flowers for $2.98. My choice of cake was a New York Style Cheese Cake, half chocolate chip and half plain cheese for $9.99 at Festival. I made some cranberry sauce and spooned that over the cake.....MMMMM was it good. No pictures as yet, that is coming in the next blog. If we don't eat the cake up before I can take a picture. :)

The mailman came Thursday with 3 cards in the mail for me....that was nice. One was from a blogger friend and another one from a stamping friend (both these cards were homemade). The 3rd card was one of those regular cards (but pretty) from an old friend that I used to work with at The Salvation Army. I always feel guilty when she sends a card, cause I always seem to forget her birthday in March......I must remember this next time around.
While I was on Facebook, my SIL messaged me that her daughter (our niece) had a baby that was neat....what a great day to be born on ~ November 21st. Her name is Madelyn Renee and so very cute too!!!

So JP came home and we made plans for the day. I would go to Shopko and get his meds and a few other things. I was going to get a wok that was on clearance ($59.99 marked down to $39.99), walked around with it in the cart and then talked myself out of it. I did have one 6 months ago and wore it out and thought I would get a new one.....but now I won't.  Not unless I change my mind again. What I  really want to get is a portable record player....yeah, and play some of my old records while making cards....doesn't that sound like fun???  Been wanting a record player for a very long time....maybe now is the time.

The record player is on sale for $79.00, marked down to $59.00 and with my $10 off coupon would bring it down to $49.00. Then the next big decision is....what color, black, red or turquoise.....gosh, so many decisions. But yeah....I think that is the route I will go, sometimes I just don't want to watch TV while making cards and just listening to music would be fun. I can pull out all my old records and reminisce. There's 78's, 45's and 33's...yeah, good times.

So after shopping, JP and I went to the library for a book sale. While I looked at the books, he went to a music store to see if his old concertina as tradeable for a saxophone. We'll see what happens on that deal.

So anyways I bought a few books, some cook books, diet books, antique books and a dvd. Gosh the library had a lot of books for sale...there were some old, old books too...I thought I would buy one, it was dated 1860...hummm...maybe I should have bought it. I did get a child's cookbook, that I think might be worth $30.00, it was a first edition, first printing, a little worn....but maybe worth something. I saw one on Etsy just like it and was selling for $37.00.

While I was checking out the books, one of the ladies looked at me and said, "Your hair is so beautiful, I watched you as you were walking around. Your hair color is beautiful" Well I said, "thank you, you made my day. I was just telling my husband this morning that I needed to do something with my is getting so grey!!!!" JP said, " looks nice". Guess I will keep it, must be my crown of glory from God.

After the library, we dropped off the Concertina and books at home and went to BJ Clancy's for my free steak. If you show up there on your birthday your dinner is free....such a deal, can not pass that up. We like to go to BJ's for our birthdays.....sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Actually brought home some steak for a snack tomorrow....maybe I should freeze it....we'll see. We got home, and I walked Kylie down the block and back....very chilly and wind was blowing....burrrrrrr!!!

Schwan's Man came.....bought some asparagus for my green smoothies, some turkey pot pies and garlic cheese bread. I know, a little pricey......but oh so good!!! Well, I think that about covers my birthday day....very busy but lots of fun....sorry my blog is so wordy but's my birthday, what did you expect????

You all have a great day and keep looking up.....Oh I for got to add, today was a bright and sunny day.....must have been a gift from God.  Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Toad in a Hole and Walking With Kylie

Hi there everyone. it's cold out there. Just got back from walking Kylie...even she does not want to be out there too long. She has her cute little purple sweater on to keep her warm....but a pair of booties would help too. It's not so bad when people shovel their sidewalks, but when she has to walk on the even colder sidewalks with snow on them. Burrrrrr....she runs...pulling me all the way.....yikes, good thing it is not slippery out, I'd be sliding all the way home. She is so happy to be inside, whew, take off her sweater and leash, she is sooooo happy. Now it's time for snacks and a sip of milk. Now she's resting on the lazy-boy...keeping an eye on me and my next move.

Last week I made "Toad in a Hole" Yeah, I know, sounds like a weird thing to make. But, I like weird sometimes, breaks the monotony of life.

"Toad in a Hole" is a very popular dish in England and Australia. Depending on which place you live....the main ingredient is sausage or chicken or roast beef. Then a flour mixture is poured over the meat and baked.
So I used polish sausage, laying them into a casserole dish that was buttered. The other half of the dish has cooked chicken in it. The directions call for lightly browning sausage, but I did not. You could though.

1 lb. pork sausage, cooked chicken or roast beef or half
    sausage and half cooked chicken
1 1/2 cup sifted flour
1/2 teasp. baking powder
1/2 teasp. salt
1 tbsp. butter
2 eggs
1 cup milk

Fry the sausage until lightly browned and all the fat has rendered. Place the sausages or meat that you are using in a 13x9 or smaller baking dish. To prepare the batter, place milk, eggs, flour, salt, pepper and butter in a blender. blend 1 minute until smooth. Pour batter over sausages and bake, uncovered in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. The batter will become puffed, crisp and golden brown. Serves 4

Another recipe said 350 degrees for 1 hour, parsley was also added. I checked out a few "Toad in the Hole" maybe find the one that sounds the best to you.

You will also find that "Toad in a Hole" is the same name for a slice of bread with a hole in it and an egg dropped in the hole and fried.....I have often made that egg dish, but always called it "Egg in a Basket". I saw a recipe where a guy made this egg in a hole with a slice of cheese on top. I thought it was kind of weird, but it worked when he flipped it over.....made one for JP for his lunch, it turned out pretty good.

Well, time to close for the night. Have some dishes to do and go make some Christmas cards for Hospice and for my own use this Christmas. You all take care and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Etsy Sale and 4 New Christmas Cards

Hi there did your Saturday go today???? Mine was quiet, which is what I like. Husband was gone most of the day, so I could get a few things done without interruptions. He left the house about that gave me another hour of sleep. Woke up at 11am, did my blood sugars which was a little high today. 144, must have been the pasta last night. Well, we had some more pasta tonight, so we shall see what the numbers will be tomorrow morning.

I wanted to get downstairs and set up my old computer, it's been sitting on the work bench for 9 months.....but I never made it. (still have 5 hours before bed time though, so there is still time). Maybe when I am done blogging here.

Changed the linens on the bed and moved the bed around on a different wall. Dust mopped and vacuumed the floor, ah, now we have a new room. Took pictures of the cards I made on Thursday, so I could post them here tonight. Oh, and another thing I did today, went over bills for the month to see how much will be paid on each. That is always a challenge, to see how far the pay checks stretch.

Thursday I went to a friends house to make these cards. Gosh, been going to her house once a month for 7-8 here is card's all die cuts and we just glued the pieces on the cardstock which had been run through a cuttlebug. Those are snowflakes in the background.
Card #2....Die cuts and cuttlebug folder, I like this folder and do have this one at home....pretty, pretty. A deer, holly and greenery.
Card #3.....a wreath die cut, this was a fun one. The background is a cuttlebug folder with dots and swirls.
Card #4....a round scalloped circle, cut and inked then popped up to make it look like a pine cone. The background was run through the cuttlebug with a dot folder. So there you have it, an array of Christmas cards, I might just use these to send out to family and friends this year. Watch your mail box....who may be one of the blessed recipients.

I mentioned in my title that I had an Etsy Sale the other day.....yes, they always makes my day. 15 Christmas cards....will be due in the mail in the next few days. It's always fun to see "Etsy Transaction" in my heart always skips a beat....thank you!!!!!

Well, time to close for tonight and go to my other blog and put these cards up there. You all have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up. Sorry my blog was so boring....there are some days I lead a very quiet and boring life I guess. out next weekend....Going out to eat and celebrate 68 years of in the world did I get this old?????
Cheers ~ Louise


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